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Having a beautiful garden may not be as difficult as it sounds

Having a beautiful garden may not be as difficult as it sounds, in fact, it may be a lot simpler than it looks. Let me explain. You see,streameastlive love to have a perfect yard, and it is, but I really don't like to slave away making it so.

If you agree, then perhaps, there is a book you need to buy to assist you in making your yard show room like, and upstaging your neighbors. A yard and garden you can be proud of and one that shows you know what you are doing. If this sounds good to you, then I offer this recommendation of a great book to have;

"Easy Maintenance Gardening" by A. Cort Sinnes, edited by Ken Burke, and designed by James Stockton, Published by Ortho Books and sponsored by Chevron Chemical Company, San Francisco, CA, (1982), 96 pages, ISBN: 0-89721-004-2.

This book's subtitle suggest you can learn about "How to have a more beautiful garden without a lot of effort" and also has "Complete Instructions for ease in planning and planting" plus, "Lists of plants that take care of themselves" - now that's what I am taking about!

In fact, this volume has tips on building and maintaining a professional garden without hardly any real work. It offers the reader ideas on which tools to buy and the best techniques to consider. And if you are unsure of which plants to put in, or where, yep, it's all hear my friends. Best of all it's highly illustrated so you won't get lost or lose your way.

Looking for the best garden furniture to accent a patio garden? How about the best concrete pots, or how to locate your walkways, brick work, or bridges over a man-made home creek? How about putting in a beautiful fountain, pond, or other water features - I think you will find that this book has more than enough information to keep you from making mistakes.

Drainage, drip irrigation, and other techniques to supply water or help it drain properly during storms without flooding out your property have been considered, and the consultationary advice is wondrous indeed. Looking for the best fertilizers, soil boosters, or sprinkler deliver system? Well, Ortho has all the best advice from their R and D department - their applied sciences in plant chemistry are the best in the business.

Yes, I own a copy of this book in my personal gardening library, and well, perhaps you should as well.