Nicola Tesla's Radiant streameast live A Power Generator From The Sky

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Could radiant energy be the alternative solution to the energy crisis of the world

Could radiant energy be the alternative solution to the energy crisis of the world? As of today, there are thousands of people talking about it. Please join me to find out if it really can generate energy for our homes.

This principle was first introduce by Nicola Tesla more than 100 years ago.streameast live Tesla is the inventor of alternating current generator and has over 700 patents under his name. He is the man who built the Niagara Falls hydro-electric plant, the first in the world.

Radiant energy has several advantages over a solar and a wind power generator. Solar power is generated by collecting sunlight through a solar cell panel and is converted into electricity. These solar panels are normally installed on the roof where it can be have the maximum exposure to sunlight. In the case of wind power generation, a tower is erected on a piece a piece of land and a wind turbine is installed on top of the tower. When the wind blows it rotates the blade thus generating electricity.

Radiant energy on the other hand harnesses its power from electromagnetic waves. This type of wave apparently is not visible to you and is available everywhere. It may come from the earth or it may come from the atmosphere. Other scientists call it "energy from the vacuum".

Actually, the principle behind radiant energy is similar to tuning a radio station and a television channel. It has something to do also with resonant frequency. The radiant energy circuitry receives energy waves from the atomic ions in the skies and are then converted into electricity.

Can you utilize it to power up your home equipment? You actually could. You possibly could connect your gadgets in it. Examples are: cell phone re-chargers, electric razor, hair blow dryer and calculators. You can even power up your CD-DVD players, stereo cassette, television and also electric oven. It serves well on open-air applications. Examples are: garage parking, garden lights, gate lights, trouble lights and much more.

I strongly believe that the principle behind a radiant energy generation is true. There are many inventors who had duplicated Nicola Tesla's invention. But we still need to improve this new technology. The energy crisis is still there and the danger of depleting our non-renewable energy resources has to be resolved. We must find a cheaper and cleaner fuel and I think radiant energy is our energy of the future.

Orlando Racelis is an electrical engineer and a researcher on alternative renewable energy resources. If you want to find out if you can really harness radiant energy from the sky, click this link here radiant clean energy source