The bell and furniture position in this sport is actually interesting

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The bell and furniture position in this sport is actually interesting

The bell and furniture position in this sport is actually interesting. Like, it is technically not as easy to grind money instantly compared to Animal Crossing New Horizons Items New Leaf (in case you farmed beetles etc on the Island that you can rake in a crazy amount of money way too fast) but since Public Works have been replaced more or less with outdoor decor (a mostly very good alter IMO) and because there are fewer house updates (the side rooms are way too small and the second floor/basement have awkward sizes( also ) you kind of just wind up accumulating cash with not much to invest it on. I figure if you redesign your town a good deal bridges and ramps can take up some money, but I feel like many players won't be changing the positioning of those who frequently, and the same holds for construction move. Obviously Turnips kind of move all that anyways, but that's been the case in pretty much every match.

Nook's Cranny has got the"expensive" thing slot after it updates which is cool but the general pool of things is undoubtedly a good deal smaller compared to New Leaf. I think for me, the greatest improvements to this game is to bring all of the missing furniture from past installments and to allow for more home upgrades.

Yeah, frankly this is a super bizarre change. Why did they create the house smaller? Making it bigger would give players a reason to use bells, and of course giving us more room to utilize!

Now, I feel some aspects about Gracie's items were super annoying also. Gracie's items were unorderable. You just accumulated 100k+ for a single chair? Cool, now in case you want 3 more of these chairs to make an entire set you need to accumulate 300k+ quickly, since those are seasonal items and you can't order them.Honestly I sort of guess the smaller house size would be to accommodate the entire smaller assortment of furniture. Maybe the idea was that limitation breeds creativity, but I frankly think they're still just too small. There's a whole lot more like small tabletop and wall mounted items as beams but as far as home fundamentals I really feel as the number is lacking since all of the old sets are basically gone (some have been reworked/expanded into new sets or flipped into stand alone things ).

Gracie's shop was a buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells bit finnicky because of no catalogue, yeah. I suppose it is similar to a number of the particular walls and floors from Sahara, and the end-of-season sales were a fun small quirk.