Today b4 u say go out and hit on things

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I had been OSRS GP thinking of tanking avansies and I had been wondering exactly what armour I must take. Im about 40k exp from 70 range and I need to do the temple of Ivok pursuit to acquire the Armadyl Pendant. I had been considering bringing: Torag's Helmet, Ava's Accumulator, Armadyl Pendant, Rune C'bow, Broad Bolts, Granite Shield, Saradomin D'Hide Top, Zamorak D'Hide Vambraces, Torag Legs, Snakeskin Boots. Is this a fantastic set up or is there anything I want to take or replace?

Iv got 72 range and im going to do the roving elves quest but im not sure about obtaining the bow u only get like 2000 a few arrows I think plus u have to keep fixing um,if I get one ill get sufficient money to create the charges down to 100k, im not sure wat to utilize it where, or wat to use it, so im not certain if I might b wasteing my money or not.

I really appreciated it when I was a member. People will always argue that it degrades, costs too much, and is overall not worthwhile. In case you've got the money for them, I say go for it! The equipment I used was: Black D'hide Body LegsVambs (Replace with Barrow gloves out of RFD if you can). I used mine a lot at Black Dragons mainly, but works well on just about anything you would ordinarily range.

Today b4 u say go out and hit on things, ill tell ya thats not exactly what I ment. For instance pots to boost str, does rune med give more str bonus compared to full helm, would chain body allow me to reach more, amulet of power or str? Oh yeah, with my lvls and equipment in your mind what is a good place to lvl attack and str into 60 fairly fast?

So, tomorrow, I think, I will do this new pursuit: Summer's End. Will I be okay or I'll perish like 1-5 occasions? What do you think? Depends on how you do it. Most people have struggle with the very first part, which makes the flame. Heres how you can do it the easiest way. You cut 5 logs, put them into 1 pit, DO NOT LIGHT YET. Do this for two more pits, (3 complete ) then begin light. That makes it when cutting the roots, you dont have assaulted by more hands on your second and third pits. (ps. Whenever your screen cheap School RS Gold shakes, proceed from this possition, hes shooting palms at you that blow up and have quite some variety.)