I refuse to place money in your pockets EVER again unless you immediately

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I refuse to place money in your pockets EVER again unless you immediately

I understand there needs to Mut 21 coins be developers for all these games on here somewhere so here's my plea. PLEASE for the love of god realize you still have a fairly loyal fan base that will buy your games for exactly the same reasons Knick's fans buy tickets and jerseys. We climbed up with you guys and can recall the days when you brought us legitimate joy into the maximum degree. We put an absurd amount of money in your pockets EVERY single year and we find ourselves begging, literally, for its most simple improvements. What do you do with that idiotic heap of gold you're handed more than in and year out? We've got little to no options so we keep coming back to you but you can tell it is just like a failing relationship now. We are in it for its relaxation rather than the quality today, and exactly enjoy a shitty partner you men just leach off of us and do not listen to a thing we say or function on a thing we ask. I have no reason to purchase this game based off recent ones,and the new reviews for this one.

I refuse to place money in your pockets EVER again unless you immediately make modifications to the game. Yes, its only a game, however it's your job to take care of it like a fire and livelihood because for us it can be more than that. It can be a fantastic moment with friends, a break from the actual world, or yes even just a game. Irrespective of the reason we played we gave you guys money with all the expectation of the bare minimum and you deny at this point and even laugh at our faces acting like you're putting out the highest quality content, when this is our task to decide and review. Guess what? Answers in. . We have been cheated. You guys clearly don't give a fuck and at this point I expect 2k puts out a game, since it could be just as good as your sorry games and that I, along with a few million others, would still buy it just as a fuck you to you dick wads. Do you not believe us if we say we miss you guys providing a fuck? Can you not care? It is way more offensive than you guys realize and I wish you gave a fuck about us....you don't.But this just honestly doesn't feel like a game which got any TLC. Granted, it is a challenging development year given coronavirus worries, for most games, but also many things feel undone. Playbooks are so totally untouched that I went through the specific same keystrokes I did last year to place my pregame audibles for matches against the computer from franchise mode.

Speaking of franchise style, aside from a new menu coats of paint, that's been totally untouched -- and it's aging horribly. Madden's franchise mode has always been lacking in relation to the greatness of NBA 2K, with no sense of player emotions and very little to keep you going from year to year aside from piling up stats. The nearest thing to a new improvement is the fashion veteran players will sometimes ask to"tutor" youngsters, but this isn't anything that you hold any real agency over. We're on the eve of a brand new line of consoles, and in one of the key modes, Madden wants to measure up.

This should be a brand new NFL principle, imo. I know it's dumb, but you are lying in the event that you say you don't need to watch NFL players attempt to run the ball downfield with their heads as time expires following an onside kick.

Among my favorite glitches is that a tableau of despair. Sometimes the field lines will only evaporate, creating a game seem as the world's saddest, least-popular music festival. Every football fan has that 1 game they wish didn't end, knowing their staff would have had a chance if the clock didn't run out. Luckily, at Madden 21 sometimes the buy Madden 21 coins match never ends -- and players are just locked in purgatory.