Understanding the Significance of Kundli Chart by Date of Birth

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People following Hindu religion consult kundli or kundali before every life-changing decision.

People following Hindu religion consult kundli or kundali before every life-changing decision. Whether you are a new-age individual who believes in online kundali analysis, or someone who is old world enough to ask an astrologer to create janam kundali by calculator, everyone needs help of kundli chart to plan major decisions in life. This often gives rise to questions about the significance of kundli chart by date of birth. Before we deliberate upon the relevance of kundli chart in your day-to-day life, let us talk about what it is exactly.

Kundali Chart

Kundali chart depicts the planetary position available in the universe at the time of your birth. In a way, this chart not only predicts your entire life, it also directs whatever happens with you on different points of time. One of the first rituals that happen in families when a baby is born is to get its kundali or birth chart drawn by an experienced astrologer. An astrologer may consult traditional means to draw a kundli chart by date of birth or create janam kundali by calculator software. Either way, the accuracy of a kundli is dependent upon the accuracy of the date, time and place of birth. Besides predicting any life-threatening situations in the future, a janam kundali also helps a person plan ahead for other contingencies of life.

What is a Kundali Birth Chart

For all of us, life is an uncertain journey while the future is mystery, which we are always interested in unraveling. Marriage, birth, job, travel, property – an individual’s life revolves around these main areas and one has to take several decisions regarding these during one’s lifetime. You would be amazed to learn how accurately your kundali predicts what is going to happen in your future and how! In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that your kundali is the mirror in which you can see your life in advance, provided you get it created by a reputed and genuine astrologer. Your Janam Kundali is divided into 12 different sections, known as Houses and each house guides a unique aspect(s) of your life, ensuring that the movement of celestial bodies called planets and stars continues to favor you wherever you are. Here is how these houses work –

  • First House - Known as the Tanu Bhava house, it depicts the amount and extent of peace, wisdom, strength and happiness in your life.
  • Second House – This house represents the Dhan Bhava or wealth in your life. It predicts the flow of money, financial losses or sudden windfall in your life.
  • Third House – This house is significant in order to maintain a balance in your relationships, especially in the family life. Known as the Sahai Bhava, this house helps you achieve that.
  • Fourth House – Known as the Bandhu Bhava, this house represents your status vis-à-vis property, household and your relationship with your mother.
  • Fifth House – This house, known as Putra Bhava, represents everything with respect to your progeny, which includes your kids or grand kids.
  • Sixth House – This house represents your luck vis-à-vis your servants, employees, enemies and health. It is also known as Ari Bhava, as it tells you about impending enemy troubles in your life.
  • Seventh House – Also known as the Yuvati Bhava, this house is your key to know about your relationship with your spouse.
  • Eighth House – This house will tell you about your probable time of death, and even the reason for it. Besides, it will also predict any illnesses, defeat or embarrassment that might be in store for you.
  • Ninth House – The house known as Dharma Bhava speaks to you about your inclinations in life, your chances of advanced education and the past Karmas that you have earned.
  • Tenth House – The House holds the key to your career prospects, financial status and education qualification.
  • Eleventh Twelfth Houses – Known as Labh Bhava and Vyaya Bhava respectively, these two houses govern your satisfaction and desires in life.

Significance of Kundali Chart

The significance of a kundali chart lies in the ways in which it can affect your life, without you even knowing it. Here are some ways in which it guides your life and it would be wise to understand these if you want to stay in control of your life –

  • A kundali represents the life path that an individual is going to take. This path is, in turn, directed by the individual’s personality, personal preferences, likes/dislikes, characters, etc.
  • Before marriage, janam kundalis of the girl and the boy are matched to ascertain the compatibility between them. This comparative analysis is imperative to find out the level of marriage compatibility between two persons, which eventually leads to a successful union.
  • If you are a businessman, your kundali will give you an insight into the success or failure of your business but that is not all. You can even go for an online kundali analysis to find out what type of business you should start and when.
  • When you are stuck in life, whether in a job, a bad marriage, or a property dispute as per birth chart, you can look into your kundali for answers related to different aspects of your life like your career, finances, relationships or health.

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