MAXOUS is an extra program combining a Social Network, an E-Commerce site where everyone saves money when they buy and get many benefits, a Marketplace where everyone can promote their other opportunities and Financial Systems (all in one integrated) !
I signed up just 6 days ago and I upgraded my position right away to GOLD knowing all the benefits we get!
To understand MAXOUS well there are 3 parts.
• The Products and Services Component
• The Gains and Remuneration component
• The Social Network component
The Products and Services component consists of 4 sub-sections.
• Global Brands sub-component. More than one million Great World Brands at unbeatable prices that save you money. You also get many services and many benefits.
• The low cost Travel sub-category where you get sumptuous trips to Cheap.
• The AMAZON sub-component at Discount Prices via the MAXOUS platform for all members.
• The Marketplace sub-part where you can buy or sell products, get a service or offer yours.